Pandorastar is a light entrainment device that uses a combination of twelve high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) and integrated microcontroller technology.

PandoraStar produces an almost infinite variety of stroboscopic sequenced light patterns, providing deep frequency entrainment for the brain.

The integrated controller is configurable to enable the stroboscopic light energies to be distributed and harmonised through different frequencies, waveforms, duties and intensities. Organised as four triangular sets of strobes and with two wavelengths of light, the strobes produce distinct “sequences” of patterns unique to its design.


The Lucia No. 3 is a hypnagoic trance lamp that combines a stroboscopic flickering light-source at variable speeds and intensity with a constant fixed light in the center that can be operated at different brightness levels.

Controlled by a dedicated software system it has the effect of inducing in the experiencer various states such as deep relaxation, meditative or dreamlike states and various transcendental experiences. It is increasingly used in therapeutic settings as well as in research environments relating to entheogenic or perceived near-death experiences.

As a neurostimulator it is capable of inducing experiences that can be compared to deep relaxation and meditative states, mystical experiences, simulations of the Near-Death or Out-of-Body experience and realities experienced under entheogenic substances such as DMT.


The sub-atomic neutrino particles of scalar energy is thought to travel faster than the speed of light. The Miracle iCube reads for stress points in your energy field, then shifts, clears, and harmonizes it.

It is believed that scalar energy can pass through anything without losing strength.

Suspected of being the strongest energy known, it overrides all other energies, cancelling out EMF’s, emotional negativity, residual energies, cellular memories, karmic imbalances, unaligned chakras, etc., leaving a clean space that allows for increased powers of focus and concentration, healing, rejuvenation, and thought. This clean space is perfect for imprinting information.