is the innerspace of ones consciousness.

We are beings of light, vibrating in and of light.

Lay back, close your eyes and allow your light body to attune and align itself in the quantum field.

Through closed eyelids, white light pulses pass the retina, along the central brain stem, relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system, and stimulating all the master glands. In particular the pineal gland. The Seat of the Soul.

Utilizing neural stimulating light and sound wave technology, the limbic system relaxes while simultaneously encouraging a transcendental experience.

This stroboscopic process called brainwave entrainment is a process whereby our brains are attracted to a repetitive signal that will latch onto our focused intention.

Energy flows where your intentions go.

Traveling along ones inner eye of consciousness, one is immersed in a kaleidoscope of patterns, colors and imagery.

A personal journey born in a moment of visual expansion dancing to the frequency of sound. Combined together, one experiences

Synesthesia- the experience of seeing music.

A holographic doorway to ones higher consciousness. Each journey a unique reflection of ones inner light in that moment.

The Light of Awakening